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Being part of You-Say isn’t just about earning cash rewards; it’s about using your opinions to make a difference and help companies make better decisions.

Typically short surveys pay between 50p to £3 for each survey you complete. The actual amount can be higher or lower than this depending on the length. As a bonus of being a member you will also be entered into our regular free prize draws too.

There are other opportunities to earn cash too! We don’t just do surveys, if interested you will also have the opportunity to participate in Focus Groups and other studies which often have incentives up to £50 or even £100!

When you register, by clicking the Register Now button on the next page, you will be asked to provide information about yourself. This is important because the more information you provide, the more likely you are to be invited to take part in a wider range of surveys.

Each time you participate in research, you will accumulate cash and as soon as you reach £8 or more, you can withdraw your funds. (This is much lower threshold than many other sites to make it easier for you to withdraw as and when you like).

Signing up to You-Say is FREE and there is no obligation to participate in every survey. Keep up to date with Y0u-Say by following us on TwitterIf you have any questions please contact us using the form at the top of the page or email

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We’re Only Interested in One Opinion; Yours!

Start having your say at You-Say. Whether you’re interested in taking part in new product testing, opinion polls, or giving us feedback about the brands you buy, You-Say is a fun and rewarding experience that you can share with thousands of other people around the country. Join You-Say and you start participating in our online surveys today.

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